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French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'


"In a statement on Wednesday, Étienne Cendrier, Robin des Toits spokesman, hailed the news as a victory, saying: “We can no longer say that it is a psychiatric illness.”

Well he is free to delude himself, but the court statement clearly swept aside claims that it has to do with electromagnetic waves. What the judge granted, is that the syndrome is really harming the claimant - she is not pretending to be sick, she really is so sick she cannot hold a regular job. AFAIC it's all just nocebo effect, given how the sufferers are only harmed by antennas they can see (whether those are powered on or not), and never by those hidden from their sight.

What is making the claimant sick is an entirely different issue, which was not addressed by the court. In fact I haven't heard of a single success in assigning damages in civil court over any claim of harm from electromagnetic waves. At most, there was one case of mobile mast installation being postponed until final decision by a court over alleged "potential future harm".

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