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Oh yes... just like BPA's

So many things we don't understand... even about something as notionally simple as Vitamin D there is almost a complete lack of knowledge.

BPA's until recently were quite harmless, until we figured out how to measure them better...

My personal experience with this is that mobile phones kept in a left hand shirt pocket lead to me feeling breathless and agitated, with a 'butterflies' sensation that happens to coincide with the FM radio interference that the phone chucks out occasionally.

Also, a good +1 for the folk mentioning the white noises that electronic devices emit - I've always needed to whiz round the bedroom and sometimes surrounding rooms to shut down even mains alarm clocks, phone chargers, standby electricals etc to get rid of the hums.

Also, given that we are all just reasonably complex bags of electro-chemicals, I'm surprised that the idea of induced EMFs dicking about with the internal comms channels isn't more attractive the audience here....

What does it feel like to be wrong? It feels like you are right.

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