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I used to work at a Biotech corp. that had an onsite nurse who believed in this crap.

Knowing I had a EE degree she gave me an advertisement for a device and asked my advice about it.

Without going into the mumbo jumbo of the advertisement, it basically purported to convert "disordered chaotic" EM emissions into "ordered" EM emissions, thereby lessening their "harmful effects". It included a drawing showing the before and after of the EM emissions.

My response to her was that ignoring the fact that EM emissions from simple electronic gear like computers, cell phones and such were not harmful - *IF* they were harmful, making them "ordered" would, if anything, quite possibly make them more harmful, not less. In addition, I know of no electronic circuitry that could accomplish such "ordering".

She probably went and bought the device anyway - she also believed in black and white magic.

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