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it's real, it's not the field per se however it's the frequency, it can disrupt you circadian rhythm. Just the other day I had to leave the office because about 10 to 15 minute later I was having real bad chest pain. I told my family member i was leaving. I started feeling better as I got further away from it.

I saw a cell phone tower being install and within a week I was in more pain than before. For me wifi is less painful and something i can deal with. However with cell phones it is 10 times worse. i can't even go out to a restaurant because most people carry cell phones.

The reason how I find out was when i was visiting my parents who live out in the country side. At that time they didn't have a cell phone or wireless tower.

Water fasting has helped me somewhat from the pain. I fast 24 hours once or twice a week, eat stop eat style. Nothing else seems to help. I know what your wife is going through and I feel her.

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