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"in addition to the magical stones and healing ointments"

I know this is slightly OT, but frankly, I find it embarrassing going into health food shops for much the same reason. Sure, I don't mind if they cater to whatever the latest nutritional fads might be. These "superfoods" might be useful if you balance them out with other required vitamins and amino acids and whatnot, but they're not going to harm anything except your wallet. The same goes for most of the tinctures or tonics that have some active ingredient (though just because it's "natural" or "organic" doesn't mean it can't have side-effects or be damaging if taken to excess). But fuck, a lot of the other shite they sell (and often the advice they give to punters) should have warning labels on them. A case in point: on one of my last visits I was given a handout for some "iridology" workshop at the checkout. Only politeness prevented me from pointing out that it's a steaming pile of crap.

We also have anti-vaxers who are really into getting measles and dying. It's nice.

That's fine (if we're both prepared to be flippant about kids dying) so long as not too many people believe the anti-vaccine FUD. Herd immunity and all that.

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