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Heh - Former Job, We had a paintball event with Alcohol Ad Libitum. Conveniently enough the bar was next to the re-balling station too - so one would have 1-2 drinks at the bar per load expended and pretty quickly this team-building thing turned out to be OK.

The teams were supposed to "execute the strategies of our leader(s)" - however - we sort of executed our leader instead. When he rushed forward "over the top", brimming with motivation and speed from many hours of Iron-manning - he got about 200 paintballs right in his back (and quite a few more from the oppo when he turned to yell at "his" team). Honest mistake, of course.

As punishment for next year HR got involved: We got the MBTI test + "Theory", with team formation according to MBTI-properties, the solving of many riddles (which are quite transparent to people who hack code all the time) and the part where you have to describe where you noticed the different "personalities" in play. Enhanced Interrogation all the way!

There was a bar afterwards so we did a little challenge for ourselves - run through the park between the hotel and the water and do naked swimming in November. As an incentive last one in shall be known as weakling@ ....

After that "they" gave up on us and just held a regular piss-up instead (with the minimum of content required for tax-relief claiming purposes).

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