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I will begin to believe electromagnetic sickness when people who claim to have it pass a double-blind test with complete accuracy. First test: several rooms have WiFi on, but at least one of the rooms does not. Which room has WiFi on? Second test: several rooms do not have WiFi, but at least one has WiFi on. Which room has WiFi on? As part of the test, each room will be shielded and there will be absolutely no sound (because some electronics make a low humming sound). If the person is wrong about just one room, it proves that it is a mental condition.

This reminds me of a news story I read about, in which I neglected to save the link. AT&T had just put up a mobile phone tower in a residential neighborhood and suddenly the locals complained about headaches. So much so, the local news became involved. An investigation was done and the local news found out that the tower didn't even have electricity going to it yet. It was all in their head.

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