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A mental illness is an illness. A phobia is irrational, and most sufferers from phobias will totally agree. Agreeing doesn't help them. They're still (for example) unable to travel in the rush hour ... or at all ... because of a phobia concerning enclosed spaces, or crowds.

People claiming electrosensitivity are in denial, telling themselves that what they are suffering is rational. Convincing them that they are suffering from electrophobia (irrational) is probably fairly easy, but it won't usually help them to work with electronic gadgets. The next stage in dealing with a serious phobia is for a therapist to attempt to desensitize the individual. Depending on what an individual's phobia is, it may be a lot simpler simply to avoid the trigger. There aren't many snakes to scare the snake-phobic in UK cities. But electronics is all but omnipresent these days. So I'm as sympathetic to someone electrophobic as someone claustrophobic, just as long as they're not faking it for the benefits.

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