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And what would a test on that particular Frenchwoman show, that's different?

Begin by not putting your head in a microwave, or you'll be dead. Run the microwave as it's supposed to, and it will output some -120 dBm, which is not worth mentioning.

The problem with all this is the fantastic publicity the issue has gotten lately, multiplied with the ease of spreading stupid theories over the Internet. Mass hysteria is the word for it. I hope you all know what the HAARP transmitter in Alaska does (or did)? Well, it's not an American weapon and it's not modifying the climate. It's not even moving the continents. An input of 5 MW is simply not enough to move any continent. But the conspiracies! Oh my!

We are having a substantial New Age movement presently, and it needs to be fought off by any scientific means. The big problem with New Age is that real science is just so much harder to understand than mumbo-jumbo. So most people accept mumbo-jumbo at face value. It's compelling, they have lots of horrible pictures, and it's hot!

People even took their own lives just before the LHC accelerator was starting, because non-scienfitc press had led them to believe that a black hole would be created inside it, which would engulf the whole Earth. This was even encouraged in Swedish schools, through our mediocre teacher corps. And then enlarged by Swedish tabloids.

We're having serious problems.

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