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French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'


Egalité - Fraternité - Stupidité

In Sweden we have lots of these nuts, some 300,000 to exact, who believe they are allergic to electricity and RF. They get the shivers when they see a mobile mast, but most of them do not react over a TV tower for example, simply because they don't know what it is. I have tried asking them. The even get "electrically sanitized" living paid by the government, plus similarly sanitized hospital rooms and offices.

RF-screened clothes (like underwear and hats) sell well here, as does (extremely expensive) Farady cages for beds. And I hope you are aware that you need to ground yourself to have a real fulfilling life, in addition to the magical stones and healing ointments these shops also offer.

The electorosensitives have several associations and does som hevay lobbying in Swedish media. Indeed they have managed to get Radio Sweden on their side. We have several elected politicians who believe in chemtrails and ESS, as well as being creationists. We also have anti-vaxers who are really into getting measles and dying. It's nice.

I have written several articles about these tin foil hats and I have an omgoing debate with the high priestess of Swedish electrosensitivity, Mona Nilsson. She hates my guts. I like it.

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