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It does sound a lot like a phobia - the sort of thing where logic is somewhat less rigorous and so the remarks about 'oh but sunlight is EM too' entirely miss the point as well as missing the slight difference between what you can see and what you need a radio for. Many commuters are well aware of the brief moment of silence just south of Horsham.

But are people 'sensing' EM or 'feeling' the high-frequency sounds (try a frequency generator, top end is more like feel than hear) from the crap electronic components? This might be a slightly more revealing angle than the prove/disprove 'studies' done by both 'EM extremes'.

And TBH given the subject is a person with a mental problem of some kind I don't think the piss-taking in the Ed's Bootnote was at all appropriate, such things are best left to the commentards.

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