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French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'

Hans 1 Silver badge

I know of people who get head aches when they forget to put their mobile in airplane mode before they go to bed ... not sure why, they spend all day with the bloody thing in their pocket, but hey ...

Besides, el'Reg seems to toss all frequencies together, however, this woman might be sensitive to specific frequencies.

I know a telco engineer who maintains antenna's for one of France's leading mobile telco's , the guy has kids and is now sterile, all members of his team are, too, according to what he says.

Now, the question is of course, do sterile men have a natural talent for antenna maintenance ? Are they his kids ? I never dared ask his wife ... ;-) But it certainly was weird to hear that his fertility (or lack thereof) was not an exception in his team, but the rule ...

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