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This is because you don't work day in, day out on IR and are unaware of how deep the incidents rabbit hole goes and it's very easy to get confused. Here's some of the other uses we have in the trade:

Inside Ants - Ants nest in the datacentre.

Inside Ents - Downtime related to rampaging forest elementals in the data centre protesting your rampant overuse of fossil fuels destroying the environment.

Arthur Dents - Tea-drinking everyman who nevertheless seems to court disaster on a regular basis.

Eensy Dents - As Ted Crilly would testify, this is the wrong way to repair bodywork on a Rover 213.

Ince Idents - Pen tests from individuals posing as famous Ince's, such as Sir Godfrey Ince, William Ince MP, or Clayton Ince.

Its A Fence - Theft of server equipment due to insufficient amount of walls between datacentre and criminal underworld, kit sold to guy(s) at a pub.

Coe Indidents - Spectacularly expensive operations that quite by accident are backed by Sebastian Coe.

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