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Linux... again... for me since 2006!

My Linux story:

My Apple iBook (blue clamshell ca. 2000... NOT Intel CPU) had been upgraded to maximum RAM and MacOS X 10.2

In 2006, it would no longer run a modern browser and I couldn't do much of anything useful on the Web with it.

I tossed a coin between Yellow Dog Linux and Ubuntu... It came up Ubuntu. Success!!! Firefox!!! A useful computer again!

Nine years later and I'm enjoying Linux Mint MATE (I LIKED Gnome 2.2) on fairly modern but modest hardware. Hardware detection and drivers are SOOOOOO much better now :-)

And, as previously mentioned... When my work computer had a motherboard failure, I was able to swap the HD into another (better) machine and soldier on... It just worked.

My kids want Win boxen for some specific games... But they're on their own for malware. They'll have to factory restore. I'd just nuke and pave.

Best of luck with what works best for you!


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