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Hey, folks. Meet the economics 'genius' behind Jeremy Corbyn

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"Taxes are falling for the first time in a generation."

They won't for long. 60 years of economic mismanagement is about to come home to roost in the retirement of the Baby Boomers.

Pensioners account for more than 80% of the welfare budget when all aspects are taken into account (pensions, housing benefit, free buses, fuel allowances, etc) and that budget is going to need to _double_ by 2025 at the same time as the ratio of taxpayers to pensioners hits the lowest figure ever.

Saving a couple of billion by demonising the unemployed and disabled is easy because there are so few of them that even if they did all get out and vote it'd make little difference. The harsh reality is that increased pensions will blow that saving apart every year for the next decade - and any move to curb all the vote-buying perks will result in pensioners voting en-masse.

If you want taxes to fall then you'd better be a fan of getting rid of those in govt who primarily exist to justify middle managment retiring on larger fixed salary pensions (the more people working under someone, the higher their pay grade, no matter if they're all sitting round twiddling their thumbs) and eliminating the parasitic middle layers of governmental organisations which haven't needed to exist since computerisation eliminated any real need to shuffle paper (computerising without removing these people is the primary reason why modernisation projects have failed - the target is to eliminate as many people as possible between the coalface and the CEO whilst lightening the load on the coalface (or being able to hire more of them) - if you don't eliminate those layers of management then you are doomed to failure form the outset as they will handbrake everything in order to continue justifying their own existence.)

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