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And reduce the functionality of your PC as soon as you go to Linux.....

I just finished up spending the day cleaning up some crap pics a cunstomer insists on using on his site. After completing the work I looked forward to some gamaing. Lots of explosions and shooting to de-stress after dealing with this crap all day. The Linux machine I use for graphics of course worked fine all day, as it has done for the last few years.

My windows desktop is currently "reverting changes" after a bad update. Next reboot hopefully I'll hopefuly be there to catch it before it starts trying to install those same updates yet again, before crashing out and reverting.... Might just yank the power and risk a few hours restoring from backup.

That's OK though, have my trusty fairly decent laptop. Not as good but can still play some fun games on it.

Only...... It's currently in a state of startup repair. Was fine when I shut it down last.

So the only functional computers in the house right now all run mint. All the windows machines are broken. This is why I prefer Linux. When I want to use my machine I want to use it, not waste time repairing the bloody thing!

It's almost enough to make someone head outside for some fresh air and exercise!

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