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"""So basically, Linux would be way better if it weren't for all those damned users wanting to..."""

Why are you damning people?

"""use their computers for anything remotely popular."""

Yes we're all fully aware that if you need to run an application or game that it is only available for windows you have to run windows. So? run windows, Linux or Mac or anything else is not for you.

"""Have you tried explaining to her that Linux allows her to do a bunch of stuff the average user has absolutely no interest in while losing highly desired abilities?"""

Please enlighten us as to what are those desired abilities that you speak about.

"""I'm not defending MS and their absolute shit new policy, but touting Linux as the fix to their corporate evil has been done to death and gets no further than it ever does, which is that even those with your expertise have windows machines running in their homes."""

Listen if you want to put Linux in front of the humongous Windows ecosystem of applications clearly you're doing it wrong, but once again this resumes on: Linux is not for you.

I will speak of my case, mostly because it is the one I know best. I'm willing to sacrifice convenience in exchange of "Knowing what the FCUK my computer is doing" because that for me is important, what I have found is that I'm not sacrificing that much, and in those occasions in which my employer demands that I run a Windows application I either use Wine or run a Windows VM in virtualbox.

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