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BOFH: Why, I LOVE work courses. Please tell me more, o wise one!

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Brilliant, as usual. Shame I'm a week late...

"No idea. As I usually choose Hitler or Mussolini – for the salutes – I get asked to leave around then."

This reminds me of an old friend (may he rest in pieces). He was a top notch programmer earlier in life, but had failed to keep his skills up to date and was unemployed. The job centre sent him on several courses, one of which was, basically, maths for idiots.

During this course, one lesson was on division with fractions. One answer came out as 8.5, and the teacher explained that you had to apply the result in context. "For example," she said, "you can't have half a child."

His answer, which prompted the teacher to ask him to leave and never return, was, "Tell Jamie Bulger's parents that."

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