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I really couldn't disagree with this sentiment Photoshop having been 'round a bit longer has enjoyed many a howto book, where as Gimp, manages to just get on. But, the Manual such as it is. Is really at the end of the day virtually useless. As good as Gimp is, and in my opinion it is!, Photoshop 6 CS it'ain't. Again when you are nearly as dependent on external Plugins / Filters to get your work done. Perhaps its more fair to compare Gimp to Paintshop Pro. One thing is clear to me though, for the "tangibles" like your Photoshop, or MicroSoft Office, there is WINE at the One end, and Virtualbox at the other end. Where such Programs can still happily live in.

The only real sticky point is that the like of Adobe, or Autodesk will never move to Linux / BSD, Mac until such a time as their user base lays down the smack, on them to do so.... Windows 8.x irregardless of your personal view of its success, or failure. Hasn't done jackall to shift new PC into the market. And Windows 10, will likely have a short term boom, before eventually crashing harder, then Win 8 had.

For myself I'm bitting my ass to see this months OS figures. Specifically how much if anything has Win 10 eaten into Win 7's stats. That Win 8.x will have taken a larger hit, seem for the moment to me as a logical forgone conclusion. But I'm doing my bit to try and alert People to how bad MicroSoft latest "Gift" really is, at the risk of coming off as some nuttey Tinfoiler. Some ~get it~ others have sadly dismissed it. The only ones that got something akin to a riot act being read out to 'em are the very small number of External PCs (Family Members), that see me as the IT Geek. Were told out front that we only have plans to support Windows 7 for as long as we can. Anyone feeling frisky enough to try 10 will therefore be on their own! END! /.

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