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there is no Limited Distribution Release servicing channel for Windows 10.

I thought that, this was where Win10 Professional stepped in? Granted you needed to come of either 7 Ultimate, or 8.x Professional?! To get it. But as I under stand it these are are on the CBB (Current Business Branch), which should be getting the Updates ~ca Four months after the appear. If your able to use WSUS as well you can then delay such updates for an additional Four Months, Eight in total. However you still can NOT refuse such updates indefinitely as we were able to in say XP, Vista, 7 or 8.x

As far as I know.. The only version of Win10 that in theory would allow you to do this will be Win10 Enterprise (LTSB - Long Term Service Branch). Which I gather would be the "Limited Distribution" version you're looking for. Sadly it seems that MicroSoft are only planing on selling this likely though it partners though a Volume License contract.

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