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"The last four updates offered to me all had the same uninformative descriptions. Going to the KB articles revealed that two were concerned with potential problems and two were purely concerned with adding tracking and telemetry functions."

Windows 7 updates have *always*, in my experience, had completely unhelpful titles and descriptions shown in Windows Update. You always had to click on the KB article link to find out what it actually does. This is also true in WSUS. The differences with Windows 10 are:

- There is no link to the KB article from within the 'More Details' popup in Windows Update

- The KB article, once you type the 7-digit number in (can't copy from the popup either), has no details in it. It lists a huge list of files, because the updates are cumulative - there is no Limited Distribution Release servicing channel for Windows 10.

Windows Update has the ability to only download the changed files, indeed only the changed parts of the changed files, so it doesn't have to download gigabytes every time. You could probably work out what's changed by checking the version number of the files (it seems they don't rebuild every component every time despite describing it as a cumulative update).

I suppose there's a question of whether to list every change since the previous cumulative update, or whether to list every change since the original 10.0.10240.16384 build, but not showing anything is particularly unhelpful.

The same is true of the built-in apps, the other side of the story. In Windows 8.1, the Store app gained the ability to show a change log. Third-party developers often use it properly, but most Microsoft apps, especially those bundled with the system, tend to just say 'performance and stability improvements'.

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