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Windows10 is malware

Fsck Microsoft Windows10 - almost made it a week with it on my test Dell 5447 laptop before reverting back to 8.1 last night. I had enough of the stuttering WMP video replay, slow response to desktop interface, unexplained Office crashes, unexplained security(?) patches, etc.

My 5-6 year old HP 8440p Win 8.1, running side by side with the higher spec'ed Dell Win10 5447, outperformed the Dell in every detail.

Here is the kicker - Microsoft pulls the Java update trick - if you revert back to Win 8.1 Pro, upon 1st Windows Update, if you don't look at the 'optional' update tab - it will reinstall the Win10 malware by default. Microsoft 'helps' the inattentive user by placing a checkmark on the optional 'Upgrade to Windows 10', infecting their machines again.

What a bunch of bastards Microsoft has become - essentially will be selling fully spec'ed Chromebooks and trying to Googlize/monetize the unsuspecting buyer.

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