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Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates


Once again, it's not really for us.

WE want to know the contents of updates, but how many of you send out an email outlining each update you're applying from WSUS to your userbase? Anyone? No? No, me neither.

And when you show up at the meeting next month to try and stop the CIO from deploying Win10 enterprise-wide, and you cite this as a reason not to do it... is he REALLY going to accept your proposal to switch every machine over to a shiny new Ubuntu install, or is he going to point out that re-training his 8,000 users onto a new O/S, rebuilding all 8,000 machines, and replacing the various bits of software which only play nice with MS O/Ses means Win 10 is coming at some point, like it or not, and you'd best learn how to prevent it phoning home every twenty minutes and updating itself whenever it feels like it (Which it actually lets you do quite well - the replacement for WSUS in the pipeline is actually pretty good - being able to roll out in the same testing phases MS use internally is actually pretty handy, and the network-internal P2P stuff is pretty shiny too).

Remember, we also don't want stuff moving to the cloud because if I don't know where my data is physically, I don't know if it's secure. How many of you managed to keep everything on-site? How many were overruled by higher-ups who were looking at more than just the tech side? How many of you work for Jennifer Lawrence, Sony Pictures or the OPM and so are just about the only techies who were proven right (and also, commiserations on losing your jobs, it wasn't your fault)?

I actually have to confess, Win 10 is a good OS. The phone-home stuff I don't like, but I can turn most of that off; meanwhile, the update stuff simply isn't going to be enough for me to convince my boss to not upgrade in twelve months, and even if I can talk him into it he's not going to swing the board. I'm resigned to it, since the only alternative is resigning over it.

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