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"Darling, it was a moment of madness"

Like many of the readers here, I suspect, I have been using different flavours of Windows for a long time. Almost all of the time they got the job done, and like a long time relationship we've rubbed along fine, despite the occasional odd behaviour (Win 8).

But now, the trust has gone. Like discovering a partner's infidelity there can't really be any way back. Even if MS does a volte face with, say, Windows 11 it's never going to be the same.

I guess I will be joining the migration to Linux along with many other old campaigners, with a somewhat heavy heart as Windown 7 support dwindles.

Of course, all that doesn't matter in the light of MS's new target audience - the generation who know no different. Please understand I'm not trying to be patronising (although I have been on occasions, I know - see posts on Facebook etc.) but most young people don't seem to realise or care about the concerns voiced here.

A programme aired this week (UK Channel 4) on the truly vile practice of "Revenge Porn". The presenter carried out a vox pop of several young people who admitted to sending raunchy pics to their partners but seemed shocked to be told that that these pics might be shared further. And all without any mention of "cloud sync", data sluping etc.

Time to get back to the allotment (US - rocking chair on the porch).

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