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People cry about Apple no longer supporting phones released 3 or 4 years ago, when a number of Windows Phone 8.1 devices will not be able to upgrade to 10

Has there been announcements about the lack of upgrades for WP8.1 phones?

Wikipedia lists obscure non-Nokia/Microsoft models and makers I've never heard of and I wouldn't be surprised if some/many of them get no love from the manufacturers after the sale, but AFAIK all WP8.x Lumias are getting the upgrade at some point, including my trusty 820 which was the first WP8 phone released almost 3 years ago.

Will MS provide the WP10 for free for each manufacturer? If it costs more than the labor needed to integrate drivers then there can't be much incentive for the no-name manufacturers to support devices that were sold for pittance (less than €100 or so) in the first place. Same thing with no-name Android devices.

Apple however has always asked premium prices for their phones and since they have 100% control of the device and OS I think it goes without saying that minimum of 4 years of support since launch is something that I'd expect if I ever bought an iPhone.

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