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Microsoft kicks off 'Windows as a service' with new Insider build

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No thank you

Actually I'm still sitting (been a long day).

Windows as a service?

They must have spent hundreds of hours in committee meeting tocome up with such an inconsequentially meaningless, noncommittal term so that whatever gets dumped on users will be positive and a service.

My worry is when my car has a service it usually costs more than the basic service, they always find something extra to charge for.

Religious services:( in my experience) Christening, try to drown you in a bowl while mumbling spells.

Marriage, chained for life to someone who sleeps with your (ex)best mate.

Funeral, set you on fire or throw you down a hole.

Service the washing machine: if it's not on an expensive annual maintainance scheme, a service will cost more than the bloody thing is worth.

And so on; Windows as a service from a half formed OS? No Thank You! In spite of being able to change colours, I'll hang on to 7 for the moment ta very much!

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