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Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?

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Regardless, there's no way Samsung copied the iPhone and built a functional prototype in a month. If you legitimately think that's the case, well, people believe all sorts of strange things. Admittedly, it's likely they were privy to an earlier design of the iPhone, given it's probably 50% Samsung components.

The sliding keyboard is utterly irrelevant to the screen-on shape of the phone, which is what Apple is concerned with. It's also ridiculous, because, 1) a rounded rectangle is not a sufficient design for protection* 2) no one is going to mistake a Samsung device, with Samsung spelled out across it's face ffs, as an iPhone.

* If it is, then I'm trademarking a rectangular enclosure for PC components, otherwise known as a case. Every manufacturer is infringing on that. It's also patently ridiculous.

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