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Happy staff are more productive, and ensuring your staff are engaged with the product and service you provide is essential. They need to feel part of what you're doing rather than just an unimportant statistic. From a capitalist POV, simply put, it pays to look after your people at all levels.

Agreed. What I wanted to understand though, is why empathy and sympathy make people happy.

You can't buy or demand loyalty; you can only inspire it....We don't need to be bastards to be capitalists.

Also agreed. And thanks for the link.

I would point out though that many large employers don't value staff loyalty. I'm not saying they're right, by the way, but they don't want it because it makes people stick around rather than moving on, so they get stuck with people they might no longer want. The first boss that explained that one to me was a revelation.... I was very young and idealistic then.

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