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I have not used my Amazon account for at least three years, if not longer. During that time they have not 'spammed' me. Having contacted Jeff to voice my concerns about the treatment of his staff and received some sort of PR fluff in response to that original query today I receive some Amazon Spam...

They want me to answer a question from someone else about a product I bought Donkey's Years ago. WTF!!1!?

From: Amazon Answers <>

Reply-to: Amazon Answers <>

To: Camilla <>

Subject: Camilla: Can you answer this question about Cyclo Tool Cone Spanner Set...?

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:59:46 +0000 (19/08/15 10:59:46)

Maciej asked "Is this 15/16 or 15/17 ?"

Why don't you ask the person who is selling the item rather than using me as a 'Digital Turk'?

I have responded to the question, Amazon says that my response has been published, as follows,

"I would not buy anything from Amazon given recent concerns over the treatment of their employees. You can probably get the same for a similar price from a Local Bike Shop."

I have now closed my account.

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