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Necronomnomnomicon, “Amazon-phobe” is an inaccurate term; no fear is involved. “Amazon-periphrone” would be much closer to the mark, if this alternative Greek suffix may be adopted into English also. Since I’ve never bought anything from, Inc., there isn’t anything that I’d go there for. Most of my (occasional) online purchases are of books that are long out of print, and I go to bookshop sites to find them. Since they’re typically located in different states from where I live, I’m the one who pays (use) tax on them; the bookshops will pay income tax (or their owners will pay income tax if they’re run as proprietorships or partnerships) when they’re operated profitably. I don’t know what abuse (if any) their staffs are subject to. If I don’t consider the prices to be fair, then I don’t buy. I’ve found USPS media mail to be both cheap and reliable; it is slow, though, but I’m content with that tradeoff.

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