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No you haven't, you absolutely haven't. You posted some flawed figures that completely depended on external factors that only exist in your worldview.

There were no flaws.

One last time for the hard of learning.

2 people working a full time 40 hour week, gives a pre-tax joint salary of £27,040. Using a mortgage multiple of just 3.5 times joint, we get to a mortgage of £94,640. A 10% deposit, which can be saved by working overtime, gives us a total of £104,104.

Now, last time out nobody, absolutely nobody, could find a postcode in any large town or city that I could not find a starter property within a 40 mile commute at that price.

Things get even better for todays minimum wage couple, because in four or five years they'll be earning at least £37,440 joint, giving them a new grand total of £144,144. (2 people x 40 hours x 52 weeks x £9 x 3.5 x 1.1 to add on the 10% deposit)

Hence, the real problem with property is one of expectations.

You claiming a fait accompli based on that post is hilarious.

No nearly so funny as you claiming I'm wrong but still not being able to find one single post code... not one. The numbers are facts. You refusing to accept them doesn't diminish their being facts.

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