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Agile is like Communisim

Looks good on paper you just can't implement it.

I think a process or methodology should solve problems not create them.

The first indication that a process has failed is the deluge of supporters whose every missive ends with, you just didn't implement it correctly.

My major complaint is with the word iterate. It allowed the principles to do the age old project killer of Saying "Start coding we will get the design to you later". If you said, wait a minute we need at least a bare frame work, you got the old, What do you think this is Waterfall???

There is nothing in Agile that will cause the Project leads pain, or make them change the dead lines. I will believe in Agile when they include the following.

If a Scrum runs over and development and QA have to work overtime, they get to beat the project lead about the head and shoulders for not doing the job correctly.

It happens twice and the Project lead is let go. I was a prop forward, lets have a real scrum

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