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@ LordB

"Many of the policies JC is espousing have been validated by external sources"

I will have to take your word on that, I just hear of the discredited ones.

"For instance Austerity has been soundly rubbished by most economists"

Yet demonstrated successful. The IMF rubbished it then praised us when it was shown successful. This is the IMF who agreed to cripple Greece to save the euro. France took a different path by pushing hard left and have suffered as a result.

"Tax avoidance by the uber rich and business = the deficit"

Not sure I am reading that right. Are you saying legally not paying more tax than you need to to governments who have overspent and left us in a mess should be stolen from the public who you define as 'rich' (replace with any label that people should hate, but doesnt define what the label means) and think this is a long term solution? Those you define as business and uber rich will leave and you can pay your own bills. Also business? Is that small, medium, large, all? Who do you scapegoat for the governments crimes?

"coupled with a Tobin Tax ( most of the EU are in favour )"

Yes because it affects the UK harshly but not so much the rest of them. And of course that tax gets collected and put into their hands. You want the EU to steal money from us on top of the above?!? You cannot be serious, please.

"A living wage, reduces the state burden and provides individuals with disposable income further helping the economy"

Not taxing the poor would do this. Not stealing money from poor people would be a very good start.

"And Public QE puts cash into the economy rather than Banks Balance Sheets ( where it will end up eventually anyway! )"

I favour not taking it out of the economy in the first place. But then gov would need to be cut down to size.

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