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Hey, folks. Meet the economics 'genius' behind Jeremy Corbyn


All i can say is this, there is absolutely without ANY doubt an actual full blown conspiracy going on now by the press and media to do everything it possibly can to prevent ANY change from the HYPER-NEO-CLASSICAL system we've established or are almost done establishing (I've never heard of 'neo-liberal economic theory' b4 btw).

Even the Guardian is enraging it's readers by smearing Corbyn almost daily; and you'll note even in the Daily Mail comments the readers are disagreeing in the majority with the paper's stance on Corbyn... it's all backfiring, and hence now skulduggery is being proposed at labour HQ to keep him out.

The voters are to get ONE choice... for continuation of an absolute corporate/banking hegemony & coup of all democratic process. Thats the plan and the 3 main parties are all for it.

I've never voted Labour, but would if Corbyn gets it & his proposals become labour's manifesto I will, and so will a huge percentage of british people who are all seeing their lifestyle being destroyed & who see ZERO hope for their children.

The establishment and all the tax dodging newspaper owners are absolutely cr*pping themselves that an alternative appears because they know damned well the majority will go for it!

For a great 101 on 'globalism' economics (you've prolly seen it, but if not):

have a nice day. But seriously Register? even here?

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