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Oh puhleeze

Here we go with one "economist" trying to bandy about equations to attack another one, pretending that this charlatan's field is actually a science. MV = Qyadayada. The quote from Mark Twain seems much more appropriate to this right-wing nut who has been "fighting the ideas for 10 years" (so that would be since well before the crisis that discredited your entire field, then?).

Just to pick on a single point. What exactly is wrong with printing money and bypassing the banking system to spend it directly on people's home insulation (or whatever). That is EXACTLY what fiscal spending is: spending. Whether you give it to a corporation to build a road (or fleece the NHS), or you give it directly to individuals, it's the same thing, idiot. And if it's the BoE printing directly, that's a debt against the credibility of the currency, not that different from the current printing of bonds by the government which, this clever d1ck suggests, will at some stage be repaid. Earth to Worstall. The debt will NEVER be repaid. At best it will be inflated away, which is *exactly* the same thing as printing money directly.

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