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Chinese, Russian, tech giants join global open source efforts


It goes the other way, too.

"Alibaba and Yandex joining these open source efforts confounds their home nations' occasionally-expressed intentions to build technology ecosystems less dependent on US companies."

Xen originated in the UK (although XenSource was later bought by Citrix), and OpenBSD is based in Canada (in Calgary - nearly neighbours to Trevor Pott in Edmonton). Fast rising web server Nginx is Russian.

I'm not sure how any of this "confounds" any intentions of becoming less dependent on US companies. If anything, it aids it in that Russian and Chinese companies can compete more directly with US companies in their domestic markets and abroad on a more even playing field, because they now have a voice in major open source projects - projects which are worked on by people from around the world by the way.

Russian programmers are already involved in many open source projects. The Chinese are the ones who have been strangely absent thus far. If Chinese programmers get more involved in major projects, then I suspect that this will help provide Chinese companies with more influence in the direction those projects take.

I know there are many flaws in the Alexa rankings, but if we look at them anyway, of the top 25 global web sites, 6 are owned by Chinese companies, and 2 are owned by Russian companies. The rest are American, with not a single EU company anywhere to be seen in the top 25. I would say that the Russians and the Chinese seem to be doing very well in adapting to new technology, and the world already looks a lot less American dominated when viewed from where they're standing.

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