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But as a bonafide Southerner whose arteries are clogged with more than a little sausage gravy, let me say, that this is a po folks dish and it out to be kept simple. Our biscuits have no sugar because sugar was expensive in the old days, but we could grow our wheat for flour easy enough. So a biscuit really wanted to be a scone but through serendipity it ended up being a unique and lovely thing. Now for the gravy it needs nothing but flour and milk at most, the very most. A touch of baking soda will give some lift but that is really fru fru. The whole savoriness of the dish is the seasoning of the sausage which ends up flavoring the gravy and all. Some black pepper and maybe a dash of salt are all you will ever need further, if you even want those. When it comes to biscuits.....chill your dough before you cut out the biscuits, and promplty bake them, they will come out flaky this way. Also, the best biscuits are the ones which become stone within a few hours. They must be eaten quite fresh. Whoever mentioned browning the gravy........don't you dare. Not for this dish.

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