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Yep, even the freebie router I was supplied by EE came with a 4G dongle that plugs into the USB port. Though you do need a SIM and obviously a data sub... I'm surprised that no operator has thought of doing an "emergency" sub that allows passive connection and only charges massively when used. Few PAYG deals enable more than the odd meg or so of data on use rather than as an upfront cost.

The other issue for cameras is the "top of head" database from external cameras. Most captured footage is useless to the police to id against suspects in the database due to the view angle. You really need at most 15 degrees off straight to get a match... Typically this means fitting cameras at around 7ft height which is too tamper friendly. Also fish-eye lenses and wide angle lenses are no-nos for the same reason :(

Then there's the spiders... all cameras with IR sources will attract spiders and you'll end up watching a lot of nature footage on your motion detection recordings. Actually that would be a great feature for the software that is mostly missing today -- in the playback window jump to the frame and highlight the trigger object rather than making me watch a few seconds only to see the neighbours cat heading in for its daily crap in my garden.

But loved the article and agree that all solutions have a ways to go.

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