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Drivers are not that hard

I regularly update windows on multiple laptops, drivers are not a problem, all hardware have device ids, since i do it so often and don't want manually look it up, i have a few driver utilities, they scan a database for all the device id's on the system then match it to drivers for that id, you can then update all drivers on the system, with no missing drivers, generally they also a multiple versions newer than what the laptop manufacturer has "certified".

I recently updated a friends Sony Vaio laptop that had Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. no issues at all, wifi, lan and video drivers all work fine, even got all the chipset and drive controllers drivers manufacturer's usually only use the windows default ones. utility comes in handy.

Though i did that more for performance, even right after the update, it didn't have a single device driver that wasn't working, they were just a few that didn't carry over the 8.1 drivers and were using generic one from MS.

The warning is more for their liability than anything else. all the drivers are avail from the oem, it just isnt packaged in the bloated Vaio branded driver pack. funny part was the webcam that is built in to the laptop is made by Sony and has native windows 10 drivers avail from their site.

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