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Want Edward Snowden pardoned? You're in the minority, say pollsters

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Of course it isn't accurate. Polls only reflect the opinions of those dumb enough to answer.

Yes, sort of like the pre-election polling Britain. If you employ people to phone others and ask questions during working hours, those who answer the phone will mostly be people that don't work. Hence the predictions for a Labour win when what happened in reality was rather different.

I have to say though, 26% of Americans answering the home phone in daylight hours want Snowden pardonned. I'm genuinely surprised it's that high, and while I may be the only one, I'm quite encouraged by that.

Were I Ed, I'd be staying in Russia, even after a pardon; It'd only take a single "patriot" to hold a grudge, and there's really no way, absent witness protection, that they could ever hope to keep him safe. Presidents have been shot.

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