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Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present

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a fresh 8.1 install was a 3 day affair

Last week I bought a new notebook to replace my ageing netbook (almost six years of everyday usage for $199 so I won't complain). The new toy came with Win 8.1 so after installing all my usual bits and bobs and tweaking everything while offline I connected it to the outside world and ignited Windows Update. Some 38 hours later it had finished so don't be too upset with Sony.

On a side note, I divvied up the HD and thought I'd try a few alternative Linux distros before settling for my usual openSUSE. First up was LinuxMint. I really should have been paying more attention because it nuked everything on the HD including Win 8.1, the recovery partition and 38 hours of updates. On the plus side, Mint is rather good so it will be staying where it is and Windows can fuck right off.

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