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Since you want to talk about the law...

There are two issues.

The theft of the data, and then the publication of the data.

The theft is illegal. No question about it.

He went in to the job with the sole intent of stealing any and all docs he could get.

Then you have the issue of publishing...

There was a SCOTUS case in 1971 that basically shielded the newspaper for printing Ellsberg's released documents during the Vietnam war. The SCOTUS decision was based on the probative value to the public ...

This gave some cover to Wikileaks, but to a point. Snowden? Not sure.

So anyone who calls Snowden a hero or a whistle blower has it wrong. Sorry, but what exactly did he blow the whistle on? Compare and contrast his actions with Ellsberg. Ellsberg had access to the information. Snowden didn't. So Ellsberg didn't break the law(s) by stealing the information. He didn't have to.

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