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Intel doubles its bounty for women and ethnic minorities

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It's about giving welfare to women and thick people.

The government doesn't care if IT works. It cares about being elected.

So if they tell big companies to "exercise corporate responsibility" (codespeak for employ useless people so we don't have to pay them welfare,) then they dream up things like this.

You may have noticed that IT projects are failing all the time, despite modern methods. Well the modern methods are red tape, dreamed up by consultancies to get government projects, and the projects fail because the government has signalled its intentions (by rewarding companies which fail,) that employing women, and thick minorities in non-jobs like Agile expert, or PMO, wins contracts, whereas succeeding in delivery, but not employing women and minorities doesn't.

This is why the people who weren't clever enough to be employed in 2002, are now working as Business Analysts, Project Managers and Programme Managers. The government creates work to suck up all the unemployed.

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