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IWF shares 'hash list' with web giants to flush out child sex abuse images online

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>The view of society is to vilify those that do get aroused by images naked children. It is certainly right to vilify those that get off on images of child abuse or perhaps even treat them [...]

Out of interest, what about those who have a sexual attraction to children, but know it's wrong to act on it? E.g. Molesting them and/or possessing photos and recorded footage of abuse.

I personally have no problem with people have an attraction to children but masturbate to a fantasy of their neighbors daughter (or whatever) in their head, and know full well that it's wrong to act on it.

And "treating" (aka. supression through force and bigotry) people like that just seems to me to be a form of social pressure and thought crime. ("How you feel is wrong!," "You need help!," etc.)

It's also no different to how most people in backwards ass places feel about those who have an attraction to the same member of their gender. (And for those of you who didn't bother to read, I'm specifically talking about attraction, not sex, which would be an act.)

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