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>That is why most of the commercial systems, Apple and even DEC, due to the hardware and software coming from the same vendor, install with less hassle.

Hmmm, I just took a look at my wife's mac this morning - some problem with SMB-based favourites in the finder sidebar disappearing if a "locked" item is selected first on power-on/after sleep. If google is anything to go by, that gem appears to go all the way back to snow leopard. The vendor can't be bothered to fix it.

In the W10 case, I'm not buying the "multiple platforms" thing. During the update process, it just needs to read and write files, probably on a single disk. If the OS can't do that, its really time to look elsewhere. Really, for the update process, even after a reboot, you want a minimal system load, so you don't have other design decisions (such as graphics in the kernel) impacting your procedure. To wit, run level 3.

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