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If you were Assange

And had the balls to tell the world what was going on, would you risk your life by coming out?

A US solitary confinement cell for life is worse than death. Nothing like a Swedish or English Jail. He has plenty to be afraid of.

It has clearly always been the Swedes who have been delaying. Now the UK is putting pressure on them for the cost of policing the embassy. That is what it is about, nothing to do with statutes of limitations.

The sexual case against Assange is weak at best, with "Victims" having dinner with him the next day. Remember Assange was allowed to leave Sweden. And a few weeks in an English jail over bail issues will not worry him.

Assange's real danger is that the charges are dropped, bail issues dealt with, and THEN the US applies to extradite him from their friends the UK.

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