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The GJ met and I think they delivered a sealed decision which to the best of my knowledge has never been opened.

As to potential charges?

Sure. But with 2016 coming up... do you think that the US will act?

Then you have another consideration. The US can wait him out.

The potential charges he could face... would be much longer that he'd care to spend in the Embassy and even if the US plans to do nothing... would Assange call their bluff?

In truth... there is a reason for Assange to be scared. If the data alleged in Manning's Article 32 hearing... that he assisted in the theft... is true, then he's toast. Note that Manning plead guilty to those charges so this evidence was never questioned during his court martial. (There may be a good reason why Boise, his lawyer plead guilty and avoided this evidence coming up...)

So we will have to wait to see.

Remember that Assange is scared S_it less of the US so there has to be something behind his paranoia. Or you can believe that he's totally twigged out and there is no reason for the US to want Assange. (Remember the printing of the docs has some legal coverage... at least enough to not make it worth the US's while to go after him. )

With respect to the UK... once the issue for the warrant goes away, and Sweden drops the EAW, Assange then has to face the jumping bail. If the UK just tosses him on a plane to Australia, that should scare Assange more than if they kept him in UK jail for a year or two. ;-)

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