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Same here. I remember well when a student brought the first set of Windows diskettes to the university institute I was working at. God, what a hard laugh we had, quickly returning to our Motif terminals, CP/M, Unix and (few) DOS machines. In hindsight, every single chuckle cost us arms, legs and even more vital parts over the years. There wasn't the faintest feeling of having to nip it in the buds, stillborn as it looked. But the student got it for free, and there was no copy protection (yet). Clever.

2015. Total lock-in. IT (staff) supporting Linux as best as they can (engineering, you know, needs to get things done). Virtual machine (one fully paid license taken) to be able to make PHONE CALLS, as IT (head) was talked/bribed into Lync and Windows-only-driver sets. Hmmrrrghhhh§$%"&

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