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Yes, I agree with this. My all time least favourite thing about El Reg is its totally unneceesarily hostile attitude to Assange. Yes, he's a bit odd, and a bit excentric (paranoid? no!), but he does deserve some respect for his public interest leaks, not this cheap pro-establisment tabloid slander that he gets here. He has disclosed some amazing things, showing how truly corrupt our 'leaders' are (David Miliband actively plotting to mislead parliament about USA storage of cluster bombs on UK soil!, among many many others), so he deserves people's support not establishment lackeys spouting crap.

Then again, with disclosures by Snowden about GCHQ 'psy-ops' in domestic media/online, maybe it really is just lackeys here spouting that shit... at taxpayers' expense. At least the article writers should try to be more objective.

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