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IWF shares 'hash list' with web giants to flush out child sex abuse images online

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I am afraid that you will not find much sympathy for your ideas on some access to non sexual media of children. The ideal of this would have been where real children did not have to even be involved at all, i.e drawn media. But this was also made as illegal and objectionable as media showing real children in the UK, even though there were no victims.

I believe there was a feakanomic type study on this that found that as the CP material in counties was restricted, the incidence of abuse went up.

If people really cared about protecting children, then discussions along these lines and some studies to confirm or disprove the above, could be done. But no this is all vile and has to be torched, even if a more pragmatic approach may actual result in less abuse.

Also people have no interest in the details of what is being done to protect from abuse. they just need to be told that something will prevent abuse and they are happy, even if it may not when you look into the details (i.e may give false positives, etc). Decreasing abuse should be the only goal, no matter even if action to get this result is counter intuitive.

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